Melanie – a.k.a. Melamalie – first learned to garden from her mother, who passed it down from her own father. She fondly remembers years of sun-warmed tomatoes and fresh rhubarb with sugar in her parents’ vegetable garden. After graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of Guelph, Melanie picked up gardening on her own and now tends a small balcony garden, a community garden plot, and the front and back gardens of her rental property. She is primarily interested in vegetable gardening, but has been known to squeal in delight after successfully growing a pretty flower. In 2008, Melanie became the Plant/Garden Coordinator of the Garrison Creek Park Community Garden Association.

“Melamalie” was an affectionate nickname given to Melanie by the glorious Kt West during a bout of the Sillies.

When she’s not puttering in her garden, she can be found knitting, riding her bicycle, lifting weights or sailing on Lake Ontario. Melanie was born in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and has also planted roots in Calgary, Guelph, and Port Elgin, Ontario. She lives in Toronto with her husband and hopes to one day learn the secrets of keeping cats out of her container garden.

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