Not the blog… just me!

My husband and I have bought a house in the Beaches in Toronto.  We’ll be moving in 12 days.  Which means I’ll be establishing a new garden.  Again.

My New Back Yard
This is my new backyard. Those cedar trees at the back will come out and my garden will be along the back fence, with containers at the back of the deck.

I’m very excited about the idea of establishing a garden that is finally fully MINE and that I will be able to keep for more than a season or two. This will be the first time in my gardening-without-mom experience that’s happened!

I’ve also started posting at the You Grow Girl forums again.
Just this morning I shared a list of the things I’m planning so far for the new garden. This is an excerpt of what I said:

As for what I’m planting, right now my garden plan reads as, “tomatoes go here. peppers go here. Get raspberries from Sorellina”… and that’s about it! I haven’t had a moment to go through my seeds and figure out what specific varieties to grow.
I do know a few things I can share right now though:

1. I’ll be putting in about 12-16 tomatoes, and about half of them will be pastes, with half of those being yellow paste (I’ve discovered a love of yellow pasta sauce!). My brother will also be planting about a dozen tomatoes and we’ll be sharing the harvest, so I’ll probably be starting those for him too. For sure one of the featured plants will be Sorellina’s Uncle Charlie’s tomato. It’s one of my all-time favourites.

2. For peppers, I’ll be putting in about 5 hot and 5 sweet. The 5 hot will be determined by my husband – he picks them, I grow them, he eats them (match made in heaven!). For sweet, I’m trying out the mini-sweet varieties from Seed Savers.

3. ONLY TWO ZUCCHINI. This will likely morph into 4 plants by the time I’m actually planting them, but two plants will give me more than enough for two people.

4. I’m trying cabbage and broccoli for the first time this year. Red cabbage and Romanesco broccoli.

5. I’m avoiding onions and potatoes. I just find they’re so cheap at the grocery store that I’m better off buying them there and saving the garden space for things like tomatoes that are more expensive to buy from the store.

6. Now that I’m going to be in my own house, I’ll be trying out some new things that take time to get established: strawberries (I’ve grown them before, but now I can actually establish a proper crop), blueberries, raspberries, rhubarb, horseradish.

7. Soup beans. I grew some neat varieties last year, but I didn’t have enough room to get a sizable crop. I’ll be trying again this year with Calypso, Red Cranberry, and Hutterite Soup Bean.

So that’s what I’ve got so far.
I will post garden plans, photos, planting lists, etc as I get a better idea of what the garden will look like.