I’ve been absent for quite a while, I know.
But I thought it’s about time to sneak back in.
First post back: my submission for the April Challenge for BlogHers Act Canada:
The challenge is to teach our kids to go green, and the first week is about “Discovering great books for teaching kids about the environment”. 

One book that I always loved as a kid was “The Man Who Cooked for Himself” by Phyllis Krasilovsky. Unfortunately, it seems to no longer be in print, but is available from some used book sellers.  Here is the Amazon listing.

 I re-read this book a few months ago, and was struck by how appropriate it is to today’s issues of food production and the current “locavore” food movement. It is a picture book about a man who lives on the edge of the woods, who finds himself isolated from the store where he used to get his food. After he and his cat nearly starve, they find wild food growing in the forest, which he enjoys so much that he is inspired to plant a garden the following summer. The story is clear and well written, and teaches lessons without beating kids over the head with the political jargon.   This is not a story about climate change or endangered species or organic gardening, it is simply the story of a man who discovers the great joy in participating in feeding himself.  It is a good story even for those people who are not looking for an educational book, so would be a great gift for a family whose mind you’d like to change through their children (ooo… so sneaky!).

I think this book was an excellent supplement to the lessons I learned helping my mom in her vegetable garden, and I hope I can find a copy of this book once I have my own kids so I can teach them the same lessons.