On May 27, I got help from my wonderful Mom and sister Angela. They worked in Plot 22 with me for several hours.  We dug up weeds, turned over soil, planted tomatoes and eggplant, mulched with straw, and watered like crazy. The result was this:


Isn’t it beautiful? (picture is two days later… no sign of transplant shock!)

We planted:
6 eggplant (Imperial Black Beauty)
44 tomatoes of the following varieties:
– Black from Tula
– Whippersnapper
– Uncle Charlie’s Giant Italian
– Purple Cherokee
– Sophie’s Choice
– Opalka
– Eva Purple Ball
– German Red Strawberry
– Riesentraube

As of June 17th, they’ve more than doubled in size (in all directions!) and will need staking soon. I’ll post update photos as I have them, and will make every effort to track the progress (and taste!) of each variety.

Coming Soon: A big update… (easier than multiple posts)