Plot 22 - May 11, 2007
Plot 22 – May 11, 2007

The purpose of this journal is to share the progress of my community garden plot, located in a city-run park in Toronto, Ontario.

I will likely occasionally digress into details about gardening at my downtown apartment, including both my balcony container garden and the front yard of our building – “flowers only” by request of the landlord!

The adventure of Plot 22 began in February 2007 when I signed up for the waiting list for three different community gardens in Toronto. After nearly 3 months of anxiously waiting – and watching over 100 thus-far homeless veggie seedlings growing larger every day under grow-lights in my living room – I received my permit for Plot 22. A 20′ x 30′ plot of my very own land!

I took possession in the first week of May, 2007. Over the next few posts I will outline my progress from the last month of prep and planting.

Please feel free to send me comments – I’d love to know if anyone is out there actually reading this!